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Transforming raw data into knowledge

Dare2Gain is a young custom data analysis company helping both startups and enterprises streamline and future-proof their analytics process. Dare2Gain dedicated team build user-centric and tailor-made solutions empowering clients to harness the power of the insights gathered from quality data

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Why to choose us?

There are several ways to obtain information from raw data, so the 'HOW' is what makes the big difference. Our approach consists in the following 3 key aspects:

Open Source

The use of commercial technologies entails the payment of licenses to third parties for our solution to work, and we do not want you to be held hostage by any third party.

Tailored suits

Your project is unique, with its own data environment (acquisition, storage, quality, etc.) and its own information needs. We believe that success depends on our ability to fully understand your data ecosystem and needs, so we are proactive in seeking your ongoing feedback to ensure we provide you with the optimal solution.

Reproducibility and Scalability

Whether your project consists of a single analysis or a complete, continuous-running application, the data flow will be designed as a robust and modular pipeline to be reproducible and easy to scale and maintain.

What do we offer?

Any data project can be viewed as an algorithm, and our goal is to design the best algorithm according to your data and information needs. From raw to refined, we know the right steps to take and how to implement them to get the most out of your data. Nowadays, this is our portfolio:

Data quality diagnosis

We analyze the quality of your data and give you personalized tools for improving it according to your workflow and needs. The diagnosis is followed up by data quality audits to ensure you obtain the best raw material minimizing efforts.

Implementation of data exploration tools

The best way to know your data without advanced programming skills is by means of user-friendly interactive data platforms. We build personalized dashboards for you to take data-driven decisions.

Development of decision support tools

The jewel in the crown. The cohort preparation and data analysis are focused in forecasting an outcome in a continuous-running application. It won’t work without high quality raw data, the right data analysis techniques, and the optimum data architecture environment.

Data analysis for scientific research.

Our team has ascertainable experience in publishing scientific manuscripts in high-impact journals. From the hypothesis to the conclusions, we know how to design, implement, and write robust scientific manuscripts to make your work be published.

Data management and analysis training

We count with accredited university teachers qualified to prepare personalized hands-on training adapted to your needs, using state-of-the-art and open-source methodologies.

How do we implement it?

Two modalitites:

Assist. Our role will be design, guide and evaluate. Sometimes you have the 'muscle' but you know that an expert guide will make you save time and effort.

Implement. Leave it all to us, you won't regret it.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team that combines an exceptional talent in data analysis with a proven clinical and research experience


Sandra Trefler BsC, PhD
Cofounder – Managing Director

Order lover and bluestocking woman. Whatever the job, she will do it with passion.


María Bodí MD, PhD
Cofounder – Data Quality

Quality measurement and improvement lover.


Josep Gómez, PhD
Cofounder – Data Scientist

Optimization lover. Whatever the goal, he will find the best way to accomplish it


Alejandro Rodríguez MD, PhD, MSc
Cofounder – Methodology and Data analysis

Research lover, because research creates new knowledge and it can change the world


Alejandro Porrás Bodí, MSc
Cofounder – Legal Advice

Law lover and of secure personal data processing. Data is progress but its security must be guaranteed